LVMR:  Leendert van Meerem Media and Research consultants.


In the World of Media we are all sooner or later confronted with the results of Audience Measurement (AM).

If you are not an expert in AM, you easily lose your way in the dynamics of understanding the reasons behind ratings and readership results.  Sometimes experience and expert-information is needed to truthfully interpret and process audience measurement data, understand the results and create  an actionable path forward..

By relying on Leendert and his global network of experts, LVMR can help you in understanding why and how your ratings are as they are.


Market Research and especially Media Research is not the same as putting a questionnaire together, buying  a sample, buying fieldwork and waiting to see  what happens.

When obtaining quotations for research, scope, quality and price can differ immensely.

Judging which is the right study for your organization, and knowing what to ask for can be the difference between meaningful information or a futile – and expensive – exercise.

Only through many years of experience can one design a research study precisely defined to answer your questions and maximize the utility of the money you spend on research

LVMR can help you in all stages of the research process.  From knowing what questions to ask and interpreting the answers to giving meaningful recommendations, helping you to make sure that you are spending your research money wisely.

To make things clear, LVMR is not a research agency, we are consultants in Media and Research.

Before putting out a tender for an Audience Measurement contract, LVMR can do the all-important final check to ensure that you can really compare the offers.

Media, Advertising and Research

You have done a great piece of research, with great but complicated and confusing results;  and it looks as if the results of your research are not at all compatible with official ratings or readership results; it happens all the time.

Who is going to explain the results to your board, what are the implications for strategy, for marketing, for sales?

LVMR can help you, either in supporting you, or by presentation of the results.   With 30 years of experience in Media and Research at your disposal, as well as leading experts in Media Sales & Marketing from our global network.

Corporate Governance

The set of rules that corporations, companies and other organisations are applying to themselves through rules and communication protocols internally as well as towards external stakeholders are changed over time by legal regulators and often differ from country to country, organization size and business complexity.

Especially during mergers and acquisitions, when the structure of a company is changing, Corporate Governance plays an important role.

There are lawyers and legal advisers who are specialized in the legal environment of corporate governance.  Where LVMR can help is making consequences clear for your position or for your board and staff.

LVMR’s Leendert van Meerem is an experienced executive who has lived through exactly these changes over the last decades.:  the transition from a middle sized local company to an immense international corporation;  the consequences of a rapidly changing labour market;  and, the fall-out of a global recession.

Within this greater and growing organization he has been Country MD, reporting to the international Board, as well as an Executive and Non-Executive board member in Belgium and the Netherlands.

He is certified at the Governance Academy in the Netherlands as an “Authentic and Effective” Board Member.

There are moments in an organizations life-cycle that Leendert’s experience can be very helpful.